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sample of code that allows user to write an even more fluent (he he) assert,extract is from the open source project Hotwire-Queue written by Goblinfactory,using European Union funding for the Adopting Standards and Specifications for Educational Content Project No. ECP 417008.
Goblinfactory is a Cambridge based startup incubator and software consultancy, providing low cost, high quality software development, project management, test automation and consulting, all inhouse, to a handful of select clients. Alan, Goblinfactory's director, alternates between consulting full time for larger clients as a freelance contractor, and investing in and working part time with startups, predominantly in South Africa and the United Kingdom using lean startup principles.

Cambridge based specialists in highly scalable proof of concepts;

Help you realise a significant measurable improvement in productivity and quality in a suprisingly short timeframe
An easy to justify rapid return on investment

Need help with an existing project ?

Are you or your team struggling to get a handle on the cost and timing of delivering new features? Goblinfactory can help you put in place solid development processes that will result in immediate measurable improvements in productivity and quality.

Not your average Geek-developers;

Goblinfactory is a lean software consultancy, who work with some great clients on some incredible SaaS projects.

Developer Events - CAMDUG

The cambridge developer's User group (camdug)

Goblinfactory runs free developer events under the camdug and snowcode brands designed to connect great people who would normally not have met, so that great things will happen. These consist of anything from hands on coding Dojos, Katas, regular social pub meetup events, unconference workshops, hackdays, Javascript Monthly Roundups, traditional speaker led mini conferences through to the annual snowcode event.

Snowcode & snowmeetup

Passionate about coding and snow, we sponsor and run snowcode - (as far as we know) the only free developer conference in the world held every year at a great ski resort...w00t!

Getting away to code

We work hard to provide a balance of onsite and remote working, which gives us time to get away without distractions when needed, checking in daily for the team standups.

Working from our base in Cambridge, only 20 minutes from Stansted airport gives us easy affordable access to Europe, perfect for anything from a few days to a week or more of high quality code retreating, coming back inspired, new features completed and with batteries recharged.


load testing baseline
Picture of the Kanban board used to track project backlog and work progress

We're not strict TDD developers, i.e. don't demand 100% test coverage, but do follow BDD (Behavior driven development) best practices, where all our requirements are expressed as executable tests written in "Given When Then" Gherkin syntax. We are agile (small 'a') and use visual KanBan boards wherever possible. Goblinfactory currently scores 12/12 for the Joel test. We have a reliable CI process, do pair programming when needed, pairing to review code or when spiking to encourage knowledge transfer. We provide quiet working conditions, occasionally working a few weeks in the mountains as a whole team during winter and summer.

Part time consulting for startups at affordable rates;

Specialists in full lifecycle green or brownfield projects from prototype through to high volume scalable solutions. Flexible rates.

We can assist with recruitment, agile training team mentoring (agile best practices), prototyping, project cost and duration estimating, spike projects (very low cost proof of concepts), server management, and of course traditional project management (Scrum, Agile and Kanban). We don't stand on ceremony, are pragmatic "get the job done" guys.

Affordable rates

Contracts starting from as little as 4 hours a week. Joint ventures (partnerships) and angel investments available for certain project types.

Consortium of Top Cambridge Talent

Goblinfactory runs a consortium of top Cambridge talent; AI, Mathematics, Big data, Distributed Systems , Cloud, Gaming, Mobile and Financial.

Outsource CTO

Alan works for exciting startups wanting to keep a cap on their burn rate prior to exit or sale. He has helped clients put in place and improve technical competence without the client requiring the sacrifice of equity and/or cash that a permanent experienced CTO would typically require, thus simplifying exit sale negotiations or simplifying building a team during early stage organic growth.

Already outsourcing overseas? (Outsource team technical due diligence)

If you are a non technical entrepreneur and have all your source code and intellectual property living with an outsouce team in another country, are you aware of all the risks, and do you have appropriate contingency plans in place? For example, do they always use the same developers on your project, or do new developers start from scratch, with a case of the re-write-itess? Is their development consistent and of high quality? Are they using automated testing, or do they have to manually test everthing every time they make a code or HTML change? Do they charge you for testing? How are they tracking bugs? What happens if they land a million dollar project with a big client, will they still respond with fixes and updates as rapidly as the business demands?

Goblinfactory has extensive experience working with, motivating and getting the best value out of outsource teams while managing risk. As an outsource CTO, Alan can help with a technical due diligence of the outsource team, providing your investors with peace of mind knowing that their investments are not held hostage by a single technical supplier and that you are able to switch outsource teams in an emergency.

Technical due diligence is available as a stand alone service from Goblinfactory at an affordable hourly rate.

Access to the very best contract developers and analysts

... a strong network of professionals built up over more than 15 years of active involvement in many developer communities.

Green or brownfield project experts

We're skilled developers with a passion for test automation, and are just as at home working with legacy code (brownfield) projects as we are on new greenfield projects.

Early stage Investment

Alan is a Micro Angel Investor in his personal capacity and has invested early stage funding with various startups, always on the lookout to invest in exciting and challenging opportunities.

Contact Alan:

Alan Hemmings, Director
Mobile (UK) +44 (0) 7734157754
+44 (0) 7734 157754